The Gentry’s have been traveling locally sharing the gospel in song for about ten and a half years. 

Larry, the father, sang for many years with local trios and quartets.  At the age of 19, he traveled and played bass guitar with the LeFevre's. This experience sparked a desire that one day his family might share Jesus in song.  Now at the age of “ ? “, Larry is full-filling a dream with his family.   

Erika is 22 years old, sings the soprano part and plays guitar. Erika is going to school and giving voice lessons.

Trent is 17,  plays the piano, fiddle, and guitar.  He plays trumpet in his high school band also.  Trent is a sophomore , runs cross country, and plays basketball for his school.

Olivia Hyde is new to our group.  Olivia sings the alto part and plays the piano.  Olivia is from Canton, Ga and a sophomore in high school.  Olivia is active in her home church, Rock Springs Baptist Church.

Least, but not last, there is mom, Jeannie.  She takes on the responsibility of the group.  She runs the sound, takes bookings, etc. 

The Gentry’s are also active in their church.  We attend Taylorsville Baptist Church 

The Gentry’s can proudly proclaim that all members of the family have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.  Our goal as a family is to share Christ with those we come in contact with as well as those who hear our music.